Is it summer or winter? Is the climate clear or are there any chances of rain? Whatever the weather or climate is, the most suitable bottoms one could wear are jeans.

Although jeans are not as comfortable as sweatpants or trousers yet they are the sole pants we could depend on in a pinch. Having a party? Let’s wear jeans. Have a hangout with friends? Why not jeans? Heading towards park, supermarket, and cafe? Yes, jeans are just perfect.


Jeans are stylish and look cool. These fit well for nearly all occasions and activities (except for soccer maybe). Kids, adults and elderly, men and women, the whole mankind loves jeans. It is as simple as that.


Below we are presenting a list having the reasons why jeans are most loved pants of all the options in market.




Jeans last longer than any other pants. Their fabric also called denim is made rough and is durable. My wardrobe contains year old jeans and they are still in a wearable condition.





YES! If there is anything as affordable as coffee, it is a pair of jeans. The fact that they are durable merges with affordability factor and spending on jeans feels like the right investment.





Imagine yourself spilling cup of tea on your light colored dress pants in a formal party… Sounds embarrassing, right? Well if you were wearing jeans instead, the situation could be handled. Jeans hide all kinds of stains owing to their bold color.




By changing the style of wearing jeans, we can use them for casual and formal outfits both. As many people wear jeans, we can look acceptable and appropriate in all settings. Moreover, jeans colors are neutral and blue color especially goes with all shirts and combinations.




It’s amazing how a pair of jeans can increase the fashion quotient of tops and shirts when they don’t go with skirts or trousers. Jeans can change the outlook of any outfit into fashionable and give a hip touch.




From toddlers to grandmothers, all can and do wear jeans because they are ever-green and comfortable. Just choose a pair that suits your personality and fits well on your body.




Many times we are just not ready to bother thinking about what to wear and our escape is nothing but a pair of jeans. T-shirts, tops, casual and formal shirts, all go with a pair of fashionable jeans. Make your life simple and wear jeans.


There are countless other reasons to love jeans and keep wearing them for all the times to come. Are you short on your collection of jeans? Are you not willing to go out in scorching heat?

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Perfection is all we want always, no matter where we are going, whatever the event is, all we demand is not just a flawless appearance but a charming, bewitching and appealing look too. Just imagine you are getting ready for some royal formal night for which you want to be on 10/10. You got dress well, you put on a luxurious gown, proper jewelry and fancy pumps and you have done some make-up too and made your cheeks too red! You are failed here.

Generally ladies we do our best to look perfect, as per the formality or in-formality of theme and do everything that can complement your style, but do not load yourself with every relevant detailing at a time, obviously go for proper and determined style with in a proper sensible and balance style, check the following points for what women usually done with herself.



She’s looking diva but you know what, don’t copy her at all. Online fashion-sites, magazines and screens have different stories and situations than reality and it becomes fail when you apply a lot of shades on your heavily done eyes, a darkest color on your lips with too contoured fake cheeks for a casual day hang out and all you did is to get some vibrant look! Keep your make-up style simple and natural as much as you can, as per the theme, situation and place and make it appealing. Heavy shades all over excessively dark lined eyes, apple-red cheeks and too dark eyebrows are just point of irritation in all themes.


Hair styling are the important part of your look that really effects your styling and appearance from first glance to overall look. Heavy back-combing with a hill top bun or many folds and curls and heavily gelled hairs are not always needed for some formal theme, similarly you cannot ignore your hairs even to comb, for a casual event. Don’t entangle your hair much, simple, attractive and neat hair style are much better for a formal look, yeah sort of messy tied but trouble free style can rock your casual times.


Yeah jewellery is something that all women want to have, and it is an essential part of women styling and dressing. It certainly ranks her look always, heaven comes when she sparkle in its every gem, and hell comes when she locks a wrong choice for it. It’s better to put on a sophisticated, finely crafted necklace or a locket, some pearl-dropping beautifully crafted little earrings with one or two decent finger-rings and a bracelet on wrist, rather than to have hefty sets load your every part with jewelries!


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online summer collection 2017

Want some stylish summer vogue this year? No need to follow that old typical summer style always. This summer brings out some new and appealing trends that has knocked out bored sense of summer dressing and no one can resist it. We all know the basic requirements of summer that is light fabric with comforting effect and soft texture with all detailing and complements the peaceful requirement to cool down the temperature. We cannot deny it but, now it’s time to beat the heat with style make your summer gorgeous.

Summer represents your need to get comfort, gentleness and calmness all around you. The sun has started to gleam brightest now a days and what you are trying to get is all this relaxation and softness from everything. Ladies! Can we say no to check out for summer collections? Of course not.

Designers have made outrageous and extremely comfortable women outfits that beautifully style you this season, let’s check the trend!

1980 IN 2K17:

2k17 gives a warm welcome back the stylish, appealing and classy 1980 fashion here which leads an icon position in fashion industry since ever. The essence of the new ’80s redux really lies in after-dark wares, from silhouette-enhancing nipped waists fastened with giant belts to flirty hemlines balanced out by big shoulders and crystal earrings and sky-high stilettos you have much to play with here. From Bathrobes, the new trench coat to a shoulder reminiscent of your favorite ’80s dance flick everything is back here.


This summer is giving you flower freshness everywhere on every fabric on every style. Floral prints are the in-trend vogue this summer. And the thing is not limited up till here, floral prints are actually ruling your whole outfit from top to bottom uni prints of floral designs are on the fabric, what we have this summer is your top and bottom of same flower patterns. Yeah but here is no limit of color-tone.


Fixed color scheme is not for this summer. This summer you do not need to re-play that old typical style to choose summer colors. Choose freely, choose vibrant. Bright colors are new style this summer. Revealing out your young personality these colors make out the heat inside you and seriously the orthodoxy has been failed this time. Gentle in fact, bore shades are not for you anymore.


Stripping is not boing at all. The ever green pattern ‘strips’ is here this summer with exceptionally beautiful arrangement on your top or bottom. No matter which outfit you want to carry strips either banker or seaside may be strips with flower, but are here for you every time! To make your outfit more glamorous with all its grace and attraction in it!

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Lawn fabric is summer favorite of every one and ladies! You do not need to stick on every-time so typical styles ‘suit’ to carry on. You can play with it on very vast field in many styles and cut, what we basically need is just to persuade some simple and neat innovations in our dressing style. Sophistication is something not to compromise on and fineness is all summer demands. And you can style lawn summer dresses beautifully and easily by your own that gives you unique vogue and breaks all stereotypes about your summer sense.

Here are some points to ease your knowledge about the modern summer chic which can be use on this fabric:


Off shoulder tops are what we have heard about thousand time, this time here we have some new thing in accordance of the fabric. Comparatively long length kurti with or without air-line front and no side chalks that has off shoulder at top. Less detailed and more focused flair with edge finishing is really appealing. Top and lower part are of two different colors, or prints and a definite diaphragm in it.


Short length shirts are very common fashion and more attractive thing is, now short length is in-trend with umbrella style, the length of umbrella frock has been reduced but here is some little changes like not too fitted chest region. Loose top, continues to umbrella with slight diaphragm and kimono or trumpet style sleeves. This style suits more perfect with bright colors and embroidery.


Medium lengths are available with a huge variety of style. Typical gown style is in as short length casual gown and with apparent detailing to give it real look. Beg-y shirts or coat styles have also influenced this style, typical style with different length makes it more unique and a trendy and pretty dress here. Less detailed print of cloth with light dash of detailing and soft tones colors are working too nicely.

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Setting a Dinner Table Suitably Is Also an Art

Ever face those situations where you’re having a lavish dinner or lunch at your place and where all the arrangements are done before time, setting the dinner table is usually a last minute task.  On the events like Eid, when all the family comes together to celebrate the love of food at one place, having a nice well-arranged table is a basic need. Even in a casual gathering, daily lunch or dinner we ignore the importance of setting the dinner table.

By simply taking few things in consideration, you can keep your focus on food and family or friends, rather than those hurried last minute running to the kitchen to bring the missing glass or plates.

Is It a Casual Gathering? Don’t go for an over the Top Setting

If you are having a simple get together with family or friends you already know, then you don’t have to go for over the top extra lavish arrangements. But this doesn’t mean you can be very rough. The way you serve food matters as such as how the food tastes. If you’re planning to serve salad or pasta, salad fork must be on the table. Glasses should be present according to the number of people. Your crockery and kitchenware should be all neat and tidy, well washed and dried. If there is a centerpiece on the table, it shouldn’t be too tall that guest can’t see each other across the table. Allow the guest to have how servings in their plates on their own, don’t force them to fill the plates.

What should be focused in a More Formal Dinner?

Your table setting leaves a great first impression when inviting someone for the first time on lunch or dinner. Don’t get all your cutlery out at once to impress, keep it simple. If you are serving multiple courses, one dinner set is quite enough. The basic setting is fork goes left, knives and spoons to the right of the plate. Try to avoid unnecessary utensils, if not serving soup, don’t have spoon spoons even near the scene.  To brighten up the table you can a flowers or candles to set the scene.

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Treat your gems with care



Treat your gems with care


A young lady of conventions, more often than not ends up being an enthusiastic for gems. At the point when adornments go under highlight, numerous truths come around. Safety measures in regards to how to keep with care, how to style a bit of adornments with your accumulations of dress, the pattern, what looks great and what doesn’t. All these essentially run as for what your own taste must state, your inclination and what you have in your garments to combine up with. The realities that are a basic for practically anybody are the means by whic

h you secure a gems’ quality for longer terms. In spite of the fact that fine quality gems require watchful tend to all the cost it of, women fake gems too request a little precautionary measures.


Everybody is practically mindful of the super essentials that gems aren’t intended to be maligned as by working around the house with. Also, just wear gems after you’re finished with the cosmetics and never chance the gems with games hours. At that point come other care hacks that don’t cross each other personality.


Straw through pendants chain


Each individual has once in a bad position of unwinding earphone wires however a young lady has unquestionably done it various circumstances with regards to unfastening pendant chains. Convey a conclusion to those disappointing minutes by going the affix through a straw to shield the chains from stalling out inside each other.


The fundamental wipe


Gems are intended to be sensitive in components yet require to be handles with delicacy as well. Cleaning it frequently, or notwithstanding wiping it with a delicate fabric is sufficient. Try not to give manufactured adornments a chance to come back to the gems box with any buildup of makeup, scent or cleanser over it, to keep it from oxidation.


What you have to stay away from is covering the counterfeit gems as it impacts the shade of the adornments as well as stain its sparkle. Not only that, Have an adornments repaired as opposed to harming it promote with all the more cleaning trials. It’s constantly better to stay precautious already. In spite of the fact that you can coat a layer of straightforward nail clean on the internal of the manufactured rings as a security.


Fine quality gems as an every day frill


Have sensitivity on your skin and remove any counterfeit adornments when you have returned from occasion. Form gems aren’t a thing of regular utilize, so don’t wear them so frequently and never at any point nod off in those. Give the fine quality ones a chance to be your perpetual pick.


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