Perfection is all we want always, no matter where we are going, whatever the event is, all we demand is not just a flawless appearance but a charming, bewitching and appealing look too. Just imagine you are getting ready for some royal formal night for which you want to be on 10/10. You got dress well, you put on a luxurious gown, proper jewelry and fancy pumps and you have done some make-up too and made your cheeks too red! You are failed here.

Generally ladies we do our best to look perfect, as per the formality or in-formality of theme and do everything that can complement your style, but do not load yourself with every relevant detailing at a time, obviously go for proper and determined style with in a proper sensible and balance style, check the following points for what women usually done with herself.



She’s looking diva but you know what, don’t copy her at all. Online fashion-sites, magazines and screens have different stories and situations than reality and it becomes fail when you apply a lot of shades on your heavily done eyes, a darkest color on your lips with too contoured fake cheeks for a casual day hang out and all you did is to get some vibrant look! Keep your make-up style simple and natural as much as you can, as per the theme, situation and place and make it appealing. Heavy shades all over excessively dark lined eyes, apple-red cheeks and too dark eyebrows are just point of irritation in all themes.


Hair styling are the important part of your look that really effects your styling and appearance from first glance to overall look. Heavy back-combing with a hill top bun or many folds and curls and heavily gelled hairs are not always needed for some formal theme, similarly you cannot ignore your hairs even to comb, for a casual event. Don’t entangle your hair much, simple, attractive and neat hair style are much better for a formal look, yeah sort of messy tied but trouble free style can rock your casual times.


Yeah jewellery is something that all women want to have, and it is an essential part of women styling and dressing. It certainly ranks her look always, heaven comes when she sparkle in its every gem, and hell comes when she locks a wrong choice for it. It’s better to put on a sophisticated, finely crafted necklace or a locket, some pearl-dropping beautifully crafted little earrings with one or two decent finger-rings and a bracelet on wrist, rather than to have hefty sets load your every part with jewelries!


Article Courtesy : Chase blog


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