Lawn fabric is summer favorite of every one and ladies! You do not need to stick on every-time so typical styles ‘suit’ to carry on. You can play with it on very vast field in many styles and cut, what we basically need is just to persuade some simple and neat innovations in our dressing style. Sophistication is something not to compromise on and fineness is all summer demands. And you can style lawn summer dresses beautifully and easily by your own that gives you unique vogue and breaks all stereotypes about your summer sense.

Here are some points to ease your knowledge about the modern summer chic which can be use on this fabric:


Off shoulder tops are what we have heard about thousand time, this time here we have some new thing in accordance of the fabric. Comparatively long length kurti with or without air-line front and no side chalks that has off shoulder at top. Less detailed and more focused flair with edge finishing is really appealing. Top and lower part are of two different colors, or prints and a definite diaphragm in it.


Short length shirts are very common fashion and more attractive thing is, now short length is in-trend with umbrella style, the length of umbrella frock has been reduced but here is some little changes like not too fitted chest region. Loose top, continues to umbrella with slight diaphragm and kimono or trumpet style sleeves. This style suits more perfect with bright colors and embroidery.


Medium lengths are available with a huge variety of style. Typical gown style is in as short length casual gown and with apparent detailing to give it real look. Beg-y shirts or coat styles have also influenced this style, typical style with different length makes it more unique and a trendy and pretty dress here. Less detailed print of cloth with light dash of detailing and soft tones colors are working too nicely.

This Blog is originally posted on Chase Value Centre


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